Thank you to Tim Rice Photo! The We Are Medway Project encouraged Medway residents to HOLD•LIFE•STILL

Tim Rice Photo

Tim Rice Photo you are one in a million! All of us in the Town of Medway cannot thank you enough for your selfless act of kindness. Tim visited a total of 570 houses, photographed 2,200 people, raised just over $25,000, and collected approximately 1,000 pounds of food, which was split between the Medway Village Church Food Pantry and the Medway Food Pantry at Mahan Circle. As your logo indicates, HOLD•LIFE•STILL, The We Are Medway project has helped the residents of Medway do just that..... you reminded us to stop and take a minute to hold on tight to what is most important. The We Are Medway Project here. #Medwaytogetherwecan