DPS Environmental Services

Please contact the Environmental Services Division through the DPS Main Office at 508-533-3275.
The Environmental Services Division is charged with many programs and initiatives that are caused and supported by ideals associated with the proper stewardship of environmental issues. Included in this subject area are the management of solid waste collection and disposal, resource recycling and reuse, as well as the managed care and maintenance of the Town's parks and fields. This function area shall be charged with regular and bulk trash collection, organic waste disposal, recycling collection, household hazardous waste disposal, and solid waste education and enforcement. Included within the division of Environmental Services is the managed care of the Town's fifty-five (55) acres of passive and active recreational areas under the jurisdiction of the Board of Park Commissioners. Also held within this unit is the oversight of the Town's Street and Shade Tree program managed by the department's statutory Tree Warden designee. 
Evaluation of Parks, Fields, and Recreational Areas Committee (EPFRAC)
This committee was charged with updating and expanding the parks, fields and recreational areas master plan. The associated report prepared by consultants, Gale Associates, can be found by clicking here. The committee supports implementation of the recommendations in the report, which includes repurposing an existing field at the High School and adding a field on land adjacent to it. Articles to fund this work are included in the 2014 Annual Town Meeting warrant. To read minutes of this committee, click here.

Staff Contacts

Name Title Phone
Steve Carew Parks Superintendent 508-533-3275
David D'Amico DPS Director 508-533-3275

Parks Commissioners



Michael Tudino