Master Plan Committee

One of the statutory responsibilities of a Massachusetts municipal planning board is to establish the community’s master plan.  In 1999 and again in 2009, the Planning and Economic Development Board adopted a master plan; those plans were subsequently affirmed by Town Meeting.  The plans have been used over the past 20 years to guide the Town’s planning and zoning initiatives.

It is time to develop a new Medway Master Plan to address sustainable land-use, housing, economic development, natural resources, open space and recreation, cultural asset development, historic preservation, municipal services and facilities, transportation planning, and smart growth and sustainability.  The process of developing a master plan allows the community to understand the forces shaping the town’s built environment, identify desired futures for the community, and select effective strategies to achieve the community’s vision and goals. 

To this end, the Planning and Economic Development Board has established a Master Plan Committee.  It includes representatives of various Town boards and committees, local organizations, and citizens at large. Committee members have been appointed for a two-year term.  With funding authorized by Town meeting, the Committee will be assisted by planning consultant JM Goldson LLC in partnership with RKG Associates, Inc. and Resilience Planning and Design LLC.  Town staff will be involved to provide administrative and technical support and resources. 

At the heart of Medway’s master planning process is a robust approach to community engagement which will offer opportunities for both virtual and in-person involvement through public forums, focus groups, stakeholder interviews, and online opportunities for interaction and input.  

The goal is to complete the new Medway Master Plan by the fall of 2022. 

The Committee’s meetings will be public, held in accordance with the Open Meetings Law.   

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Public Comments

Your feedback, thoughts, and comments are vital to the Master Plan process and we encourage all Medway residents to be involved.  To ensure that all members of the Master Plan Committee hear all voices, please direct your questions, comments, and ideas to  For the same reason, members of the Master Plan Committee will not be engaging on social media.  Please check the Master Plan project website for updates and information: Medway Master Plan ( Thanks for your participation!

Staff Contacts


Community & Economic Development Director


Planning & Economic Development Coordinator


Administrative Assistant


Committee Members

Jessica Chabot

Planning and Economic Development Representative


Cassandra McKenzie

Vice Chair
Economic Development Committee Representative


Eric Arbeene

At-Large Member


Rebecca Atwood

Cultural Council Representative


Carey Bergeron

Energy and Sustainability Committee Representative


Susan Dietrich

School Committee Representative


John Foresto

Select Board Representative


Ellen Hillery

Finance Committee Representative


Siri Krishna Khalsa

Council on Aging Representative


Tara Kripowicz

Conservation Commission Representative


Denise Legee

Open Space Committee Representative


Sarah Raposa

At-Large Member


Linda Reynolds

Lions Club Representative


Debi Rossi

Board of Parks Commissioners Representative


Faina Shapiro

Medway Business Council Representative


Alex Siekierski

Design Review Committee Representative


Jack Wolfe

Affordable Housing Committee and Trust Representative