Design Review Committee

Mission Statement

The mission of the Design Review Committee (DRC) is to serve the people of Medway in a capacity that openly, creatively and appropriately reviews site, building and sign design for private and public development. The DRC is tasked with serving as an advocate for the preservation and enhancement of Medway’s natural, scenic and aesthetic qualities to achieve the pleasing composition of places within the context of the Medway Master Plan. The DRC works with the broad intention of maintaining and/or improving the quality of life, value of property and viability of commerce through the use of thoughtful and community-appropriate design practices as represented by the Medway Design Review Guidelines.

The DRC generally meets on the first and third Monday nights of each month in the Cole Room at the Medway Public Library, 26 HIgh Street. The DRC may also hold special meetings as needed including site visits with the Planning & Economic Development Board for development projects under review. DRC meeting announcements and agendas are posted outside the office of the Medway Town Clerk at Town Hall, 155 Village Street on the Thursday before a Monday meeting. They are also posted at the Town of Medway web page and on the DRC web page.

Board Members

Name Title
Matthew Buckley Member & Chairman
Rachel Walsh Member & Vice-Chairman
Tom Gay Member - Representative from the Planning and Economic Development Board
Jessica Chabot Member & Corresponding Secretary
Dan Connolly Member
Seth Kendall Member