Floor Plans / Equipment

Photo of Birch tree trunks on background of multicolored autumn leaves - with words "Floor Plans / Layouts"Every event has different requirements. We have various tables, chairs, and equipment available for your custom setup or can configure the setup for you. Click on the Floor Plans button to download the Thayer Hall specifics. Refer to the equipment lists for table sizes and types.

If a specific setup is desired, the renter must submit floor plans and a list of requested equipment to the Resident Manager (RM) no less than ten (10) days prior to the event. If no floor plan is submitted at that time, the RM will setup tables/chairs at his discretion, and any changes made after the event starts will be done during the rental time and/or at an additional cost. When the function is over, renters must remove all trash and leave the area in an “as found” condition. It is not necessary for the renter to put away the tables and chairs after an event.

For catered events, the caterer can frequently assist in developing the floor plan and suggesting or providing decorations for your event. See the document, Policies for Use of Thayer Homestead, for details.
Equipment List
The following equipment is currently available for use during an event at the Thayer Homestead. However, please confirm availability with the RM before the event. (Please contact an independent vendor for any other equipment your event requires. Outside equipment may be subject to approval in advance by the RM and Governance Committee).

Number Available

Type of Equipment


Stacking chairs for indoor use only


48” (4’) Round Tables (Seats 4-6)


60” (5’) Round Tables (Seats 6-8)


72” (6’) x 30” Rectangular Tables


96” (8’) x 30” Rectangular Tables


30” Hightop Tables


72” (6’) Serpentine Tables


Podium with/without Microphone


Bar Stools

Renters have the option of contracting with an independent rental company for a tent to be set up on the lawn and/or for chairs for an outdoor ceremony or event. If using a tent, the renter is also responsible for renting additional tables, chairs, or other equipment to be used in the tent. This is done at the renter’s expense and must be provided by a qualified rental facility and with the approval of the RM. There is an additional fee to use the lawn for a tent or ceremony during events. Renters must also contact the Town of Medway Building Department (508) 533-3253 to obtain a Tent Permit.  In addition, there could be fees for police or fire details, if required, based on the number of people and type of event. Please refer to the Policies for Use of Thayer Homestead for details.

Audio/Visual Equipment* Rentals
Renters must specify all audio/visual needs in advance of their event date and provide the RM with an equipment layout plan for the event. Additional equipment may be provided by the renter with prior approval of the RM and/or Governance Committee.



One(1) Projector Screen, One(1) LCD Projector and One(1) PA/DJ Sound System

In Thayer Hall
AV cart with 42” flat-screen TV, DVDPortable for use in Thayer Hall or Homestead Suite

Please contact an outside vendor for any other equipment your event requires.

* Renter is responsible for all cords and accessories. Lost or damaged items will be deducted from the Security Deposit.
Floor Plan