Mission Statement

The mission of the Medway Planning and Economic Development (PED) office is to provide planning support, coordination and advisory services to Town officials, boards, and committees on issues involving land use planning, zoning, economic development, affordable housing, open space and land preservation, smart growth, and public transportation. Together with the Planning and Economic Development Board, the PED office develops policies, program initiatives and zoning provisions to guide the future development of the community in ways consistent with the vision and values outlined in the 2009 Medway Master Plan.

Description of Services - The primary function of the Planning and Economic Development office is to provide staff services to the Planning and Economic Development Board. This includes:

  • Processing site specific development applications (subdivisions, site plans, certain special permits, scenic road work permits), coordinating the review and action by the Planning and Economic Development Board, and preparing decisions.
  • Analyzing, drafting and recommending amendments to the town's Zoning Bylaw and its various land development Rules and Regulations.  
  • Updating the Medway Zoning Bylaw and Zoning Map
  • Carrying out the recommendations of the 2009 Medway Master Plan 

The PED office also provides administrative and planning support to the Design Review Committee, and the Open Space Committee,  We assist the Town Administrator on matters pertaining to land use, planning, zoning, development, energy conservation, open space and various grant opportunities. The office provides direction to the Town’s Consulting Planner (PGC Associates) and Town’s Consulting Engineer (Tetra Tech).

Duties & Responsibilities 

The Planning and Economic Development Board’s jurisdiction is established in two state statutes, the Zoning Act, MGL. Chapter 40A, and the Subdivision Control Law, MGL Chapter 41, sections 81A - 81GG. The Board is ALSO responsible for developing and maintaining a Master Plan on which Medway’s zoning is based.

Among other things, the Planning and Economic Development Board reviews and holds public hearings on:

  • Subdivision plans, to ensure compliance with state law and local regulations.
  • Applications for special permits, to ensure that specific criteria are met before a permit is granted.
  • Site plans prior to issuance of a building permit or occupancy permit for a change of use for any non-residential, non-agricultural (e.g. business, manufacturing, educational) use.
  • Zoning Bylaw revisions proposed by the Planning and Economic Development Board, other town boards, or by citizens' petition.

The Planning and Economic Development Board (with help from the Town’s consulting engineer) also manages on-going inspection and monitoring of subdivision site preparation and road construction activity (but not the construction of individual dwellings or landscaping on private lots), holds bonds posted by developers to guarantee proper completion of subdivision roads and related infrastructure, and releases lots for sale once subdivision roads can provide adequate access