Medway Grid, LLC Petition

8/30/2022 - From Epsilon Associates, Inc. on behalf of Medway Grid, LLC:

"On behalf of Medway Grid, LLC (“Medway Grid” or “the Project Proponent”) please find linked the Single Environmental Impact Report (“SEIR”) for the proposed Medway Grid Energy Storage Project (the “Project”) (EEA Number 16525). We have endeavored to develop an SEIR that is fully responsive to the Secretary’s March 18, 2022, Certificate on the Expanded ENF.

Please use this link to download the SEIR:

The Proponent expects that the SEIR will be noticed in the Environmental Monitor on Friday September 9, 2022, and that comments will be due by October 11, 2022.

Comments can be made online at or sent to:

Secretary Bethany Card
Executive Office of Energy and Environmental Affairs
100 Cambridge Street, Suite 900
Boston MA 02114

If you have any questions about the project, please contact Marc Bergeron at (508) 212-0420 or via email at"

To view the Notice of Adjudication and Public Comment Hearing, click here

To view the recording of the public comment hearing from July 13, 2022, click here:

To view the Host Community Agreement Draft - click here.

Please see the links below for information regarding the petition:

1. Cover Letter

2. Medway Grid, LLC Petition


3. Attachment A1: Project Plans (Medway Layout (Tesla MPXL)

4. Attachment A2: Project Plans (171930 - Medway IFR Rev A)

5. Attachment B: Medway Stormwater Report

6. Attachment C: Sound Level Assessment Report

7. Attachment D: Expanded Environmental Notification Form

8. Attachment E: Electric and Magnetic Fields Assement Report

9. Attachment F1: Agency Correspondence

10. Attachment F2: Agency Correspondence

11. Attachment F3: Agency Correspondence

12. Attachment F4: Agency Correspondence

13. Attachment F5: Agency Correspondence

14. Attachment G: Draft Medway Emergency Response and Operations Plan


15. Exhibit MG-CW-1: Testimony of Christina Wolf

16. Exhibit MG-HA-1: Testimony of Justin Adams

17: Exhibit MG-MB-1: Testimony of Marc Bergeron

18. Exhibit MG-AJJ-1: Testimony of AJ Jablonowski

19. Exhibit MG-RO-1: Testimony of Robert D. O'Neal

20. Exhibit MG-BC-1: Testimony of Benjamin R. T. Cotts

21. Exhibit MG-JK-1: Testimony of Jason Knedlhans

Notice of Adjudication:

22. Draft Notice of Adjudication

Energy Facilities Siting Board:

23. EFSB 22-02 Motion to consolidate dockets

24. EFSB 22-02 Appearance of Andrew O. Kaplan

25. EFSB 22-02 Appearance of Counsel P. Connolly