Reminder: Outdoor burning is not allowed at this time

Extreme Drought = Extreme Danger

We are currently experiencing an extreme drought and there is a very high danger of outdoor fires which could extend to houses.  A permit must be obtained at the Police station for all outdoor burning.  Outdoor burning is only allowed January 15th to May 1st  from 10 am to 4 pm.  The use of fire pits and chimney products outside of those parameters are not allowed except for cooking fires and with the permission of the fire department.  Right now NO outdoor burning is being allowed, it is simply too dry and dangerous.  People should also be cognizant of their mulch beds.  Discarded cigarettes in dry mulch beds have caused millions of dollars in damage by fire extending to buildings.  In Massachusetts mulch must be 18 inches away from combustible exteriors of commercial buildings.  Homeowners should follow this rule as well so as not to experience a preventable tragedy.