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Frequently Asked Questions
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Q1. When is the next Household Hazardous Waste Day event?
Saturday, May 21, 2016 from 9 am to 1 pm. Check the web site for more details on location and accepted items.

Q2. How can I be removed from the Medway Trash Program?
You can hire a private hauler that is licensed by the Town of Medway's Board of Health to provide adequate residential services. They must provide you with trash and source separated recycling services at the curb at a single price. You must fill out a form and bring a copy of your contract or bill from the private hauler to the Department of Public Services office to be removed from the town program. Annual renewal forms will be mailed out to be completed and returned every December to all residents with private trash.  Please keep in mind that if you hire a private hauler, you will lose any and all services the towns' trash program offers including access to the Recycling Center. Click here for a list of currently licensed approved haulers.

Q3. Where can I get recycling cart?
The Town of Medway has provided every residence on the Town trash and recycling program with a 96 gallon recycling cart. This is the only container that can be used for recycling and it will be collected every other week.  Recycling is single stream meaning that no separation is required so all cardboard, paper, glass, metal, and plastic can go in together,  Please see the current curbside chronicle for the collection schedule.  On your collection day please make sure your cart is placed approximately 3 feet from the curb and the arrows on the cart lid are pointed towards the street. Additional recycle carts are available for those with a demonstrated need. Please be sure to break down all materials so as to make the most out of the space you have with one cart.  Please fill out the Request Form to request a second cart if you have a need for more capacity.

Q4. How do I dispose of paint?
Water-based paints such as latex paint are non-hazardous and can be disposed of in regular trash with the lids off.  You must dry out the paint before disposing this way by opening the lid and allowing it to air dry.  You can add sand or kitty litter to speed up the process. Oil based paints are considered hazardous and must be disposed of properly either on our annual hazardous waste collection day, or at a private hazmat facility.  These facilities can be found in the yellow pages of your phone book.

Q5. I traded my vehicle in for a new one and my sticker was on the old car, how do I get a new sticker?
You need to bring the registration of the new vehicle into the Department of Public Services office and we will issue you a new sticker for that vehicle.

Q6. I have a Commercial vehicle and need to bring some items to the Recycling Center. How do I obtain a permit?
Medway residents who are in the Town Trash Program needing to use a Commercial vehicle to bring residential items to the Recycling Center must obtain a Special Permit from the Department of Public Services office. They are only available in limited quantities so please plan accordingly.  You need to bring in the registration for the Commercial vehicle and we will issue you a special one day pass. If the Commercial vehicle belongs to someone in another town and you are using their vehicle, we need a copy of the registration of their vehicle and a copy of your drivers license to prove you reside in Medway and you are on the Medway Trash Program.  DO NOT place your regular residential sticker in a Commercial vehicle.

Q7. Is there a limit to how many yellow bags I can put out?
No, you may put out as many yellow bags as you like.  They must be tied and can either be in a barrel no larger than 35 gallons (or weigh more than 40 lbs), or can be placed out in just the bag.

Q8. How much is the Annual Trash Fee?
The Annual Trash Fee is $250.00. It is billed quarterly at $62.50 per bill at the end of August, November, February, and May.  Billing is done in arrears meaning your quarterly charge of $62.50 covers your previous three months of trash.  

Q9. How do I dispose of a propane tank, helium tank or fire estinguisher?
For propane or helium tanks you can call a campground or propane company to see if they will take it. Generally stores that sell them will take them.  You can also bring them in to be recycled at the Recycle Center as long as the tank is emptied and the valve removed.  For fire estinguishers you can follow these steps: MassDEP Fire Estinguisher Disposal.

Q10. What is the number to call for a Special Item Pick Up (appliances, electronics, metal items)?
Call 1-800-972-4545 before Friday 3:00 PM to be put on the list for the following Tuesday pick up. The center is open to take phone calls Monday through Friday from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM.  Any calls after hours will be directed to call back during normal business hours, as no messages are accepted at this number.

Q11. How many items can you put out on the Special Item Pick Up day?
There is no limit you just have to schedule the pickup and give the call center a list of all items to be placed out for pickup.  Special Items are non-burnable items such as metal items, appliances, electronics, gas-powered items (fuel/oil emptied), and car batteries.

Q12. How do I get a sticker for the Recycling Center?
Stickers have been mailed to all Single family residences on the Medway trash and recycling program.  Multi family dwellings must come in to pick up one free sticker per dwelling. If you did not receive it, need a replacement, or would like to purchase an additional sticker ($15.00), you must provide proof of Medway residence and vehicle registration to the Department of Public Services office to get a sticker.  Commercial use of the facility is not permitted.

Q13. Do I need a sticker to enter the Recycling Center?
All vehicles entering the Recycling Center must have stickers. The sticker must be affixed to the lower windshield on the driver's side. Stickers can be purchased at the Department of Public Services office for $15.00.  Commercial vehicles bringing in residential material are only allowed into the Recycling Center with a special permit issued by the Department of Public Services (more information available in these FAQ's).

Q14. How many bulk items can I put out with my trash?
You may put out 1 bulk item per week with your trash. Bulk items are mainly large burnable trash items such as a sofa, chair, desk, boxspring and mattress, table or toilet. These are NOT call-in items.   Construction and demolition material is NOT accepted in the Medway Solid Waste program either curbside or at the Recycling Center.

Q15. Where can I buy the yellow bags?
You can purchase the yellow PAYT bags in two size options (15 gal or 30 gal) for a set price at any of the following nearby stores - Shaws, Condons Hardware, Medway Mart, Walgreens, Green's Pit Stop, W. Medway Liquors, Medway Recycle Center, Roche Bros (Millis), and Hannafords (Milford).  They come in two sizes - $0.75 per 15 gallon bag, and $1.50 per 30 gallon bag.  They are sold in rolls of five.

Q16. What items are allowed and not allowed for disposal at the Broad Street Recycling Center?
Recyclables – cardboard flattened, paper, plastic containers, glass containers, metal containers
Rigid Plastic (toys, etc.) and some Styrofoam (white, pink, or blue insulation boards, coolers, or packing blocks)
Brush, Grass, Leaves
Tires – off rim only
Scrap Metal (including emptied propane/helium tanks with valve removed)
Bulk items - Sofas, Mattresses, Rugs, etc (drop off fee)
Clean Wood (drop off fee)
Mercury Items - bulbs, switches, thermostats, thermometers.
Alkaline, Nickel, Silver, and Mercury Batteries (No Auto batteries)

No Plastic Bags (or any film plastic)
No broken glass
No ceramics
No paper towels, napkins, tissues, etc.
No SOILED Pizza Boxes (Grease free boxes are ok)
No Hazardous Waste
No bricks, concrete, rocks, fill or dirt
No construction or demolition materials
No sheetrock, drywall
No asphalt shingles
No stumps or logs larger than 6" diameter
No asbestos
No oil or gasoline
No Freon Products
No Refrigerators
No Air Conditioners
No CRT’s, TV’s, Computers
No Propane Tanks
No gas powered items
No electronic items

Q17. How often is trash billed?
Trash is billed quarterly (4 times per year every 3 months) in August, November, February, and May and is combined with the Water/Sewer bills.

Q18. What are the hours of the Recycling Center?
Saturdays and Sundays 8am to 3pm year round. Wednesdays from 4pm to 7pm from early April to late September and 12pm to 3pm from late September to early April.  See our Curbside Chronicle for exact dates.

Q19. How do I dispose of large plastic toys?
Large plastic toys are considered bulk items and may be put out with your regular trash (1 item per week) or recycled at the Recycling Center's rigid plastic collection container at no charge.

Q20. I put my trash/recycling out before 7:00 am and it hasn't been picked up.  What should I do?
Make sure you had everything out by 7am on the day of your pickup.  Check the schedule on your curbside chronicle to see if your day was pushed back due to a Holiday.  Make sure your trash is in Medway yellow bags. Make sure your recyclables are in the Medway recycle cart and that it is a recycling week (every other week collection).  The carts must be placed approximately 3 feet from the curb with the arrows on the cart lid pointed towards the street.  If the item was a special Tuesday pickup it must have been scheduled by 3pm the Friday prior in order to be on the following Tuesday’s schedule.  Make sure that you did not put out more than one bulky item at a time.

If you have done everything according to the rules, then we also ask that you be patient.  Trash routes are not always the same and the exact time of your pick-up can vary.  What is picked-up at 11:00 am one week, may be picked-up 7:00 am the next week.  If you placed your items out before 7:00 am, please allow sufficient time for the contractor to complete their route.  If your items have not been picked-up after 3:00 pm, contact the Department of Public Services office at 508-533-3275 to report the problem.  We can make arrangements for pick-up of your items.  If you are late getting your recyclable items out or missed the day, you can always bring items to the recycling center for disposal during their normal operating hours.  Trash is not permitted for drop-off at the Recycle Center.

Q21. When is my trash and recycling collection day?
To find your trash day click on this link: Find your Trash & Recycling Day.

Q22. I see a tree that is dead or dying that should be removed. How do I report it?
For trees located in the public way, the Tree Warden makes the determination if it should be removed. Residents may call the DPS office to report the problem at 508-533-3275. Trees are removed only if they pose a significant threat to the public. If the tree is on private property, the Tree Warden will intervene only if the tree poses a threat to the public in the Town's right-of-way (street, sidewalk, park, etc.). Due to severe budget restrictions, general maintenance on trees is not performed.

Q23. How do I place a message on the signboard located on Rt. 109 near Choate Park?
Contact the DPS office at Town Hall at 508-533-3275 to reserve space on the sign. Each side is reserved separately at no charge. We require users to come to Town Hall and pick-up the lettering they require (click here for a layout form), remove the message on the side they have reserved, place their message up, and return and file the excess letters back at the DPS office.

Q24. A Town owned tree just fell on my property. Who do I call for removal and damage claims?
The laws governing responsibility and liability for trees is the same regardless of the owner. If a property owner is aware of a dangerous situation regarding a tree on their property and fails to rectify the problem, the owner is liable for damages and clean-up should the tree or large limbs fall. However, trees and limbs fall all the time and generally show little, if any, sign of trouble. In these cases where the owner has no prior knowledge of a potential problem, the tree or limb falling is considered an "act of god" and no liability is assessed. Generally, your home owners or auto insurance policy will cover the cost of removal/damages less your deductible.

Q25. Why and how do I get a field permit?
Organized groups who use Town of Medway parks and fields are required to have a permit issued by the DPS before commencing any on site activity. The Medway Board of Parks Commissioners issues Field Permit Rules and Regulations enforced by the DPS. The Commissioners seek to have groups contribute to the upkeep of the facilities they use, ensure that adequate space is available, and ensure that the Town of Medway is protected from claims associated with facility use. Permits are not required of Individuals or small groups with the following restrictions:

  • Permit holders have priority for use of facilities and can ask others to leave during their permitted times. All others are by a first come, first serve basis.
  • All facility and permit rules must be obeyed.
  • Facility use is at your own risk.

Q26. How much money is collected from field permits and where does that money go?
The Environmental Services Division is charged with the responsibility of providing construction, repair and maintenance of all passive and active recreational areas under the control of the Board of Park Commissioners.  At present, with the addition of the new high school, these facilities total fifty-five (55) acres, including athletic fields, athletic courts, swimming facilities and other acreage which is not under the jurisdiction of the School Department or the Conservation Commission.
Groups who use the facilities on a regular basis are required to have a permit and pay fees.  These fees are placed in a Park Revolving fund and used exclusively to maintain the facilities used by these groups.  99% of the money goes back into Cassidy, Idylbrook, Oakland, and the middle school complex.  The money funds seed, fertilizer, lime, top dressing, poison ivy and grub control, some seasonal labor for grass cutting, irrigation system maintenance, etc.  We do not pay for line painting, bases, goals, or other items specific to the sport being played.  This totals about $35,000 annually and is NOT included in the regular budget funded mostly through taxes.

Another $70,000 is spent annually from our regular budget.  This pays for all the same things listed above, except applied to providing services to Town Hall, Police Dept, Fire Dept., Sr. Center, and Library.  Choate Pond is also covered here for assorted work in the park and pond itself.  The remainder of the Parks budget is for full time labor that cannot be funded by user fees per State law.

The Town does not make a profit and we do not spend the money in places other than where it was generated from.  The only exception is a $6 fee charged to each player that is held in a separate account.  This money is being collected to fund larger scale capital projects in the future such as new bleachers, artificial grass, field reconstruction, etc.  This money will be depleted shortly as we install irrigation at Idylbrook Field.  The Park Commissioners have committed to working in concert with the various youth athletic groups in Town to determine priorities for these funds.  

The School Department permits the artificial turf field at the high school and other facilities under their jurisdiction.  These fees are managed by them.  The Town has limited permiting and performs minimal work at the high school.

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